Cloud Antivirus

Protect your desktops, notebook computers and servers from viruses and malware with a Cloud-based Antivirus Solution from L.I.T Solutions in Perth.

Minimise your exposure to the potentially catastrophic consequences of being impacted by viruses and malware. Infection can cause irreparable damage to your network and infrastructure, not to mention the potential security threats.

Safeguard your organisation against these potential attacks with our cloud-based Antivirus Solution. Immediate, enterprise-class security with no onsite server required.

Leverage the maximum security benefits of L.I.T Solutions’ state-of-the-art Antivirus Solution:

  • Protect and secure desktops, notebook computers and server endpoints
  • Benefit from the industry-leading Trend Micro Worry-Free Security Suite
  • Increase productivity by restricting certain websites for hours, categories or keywords
  • Centrally manage any number of computers across any number of locations
  • Protect roaming and remote user internet access

Our expert support team maintains automatic network and endpoint virus resistance, deploying spyware, spam and malware before they interfere with IT operations and spread to other computers in your network.

L.I.T Solutions guarantees uninterrupted and responsive support service, and provides:

  • Fully-inclusive tech support for your cloud-based Antivirus Solution
  • Local servers in Perth guaranteeing super-fast access and reliability

No lock-in contracts or minimum terms!

Simply pay a monthly fee for each desktop, notebook computer or server protected under your Antivirus Solution. Avoid expense blowouts by staggering monthly renewal dates for different departments, and scale Antivirus support as you need it.

Call L.I.T Solutions on 08 6323 7630 or email us today for free remote installation assistance of your Antivirus Solution in Perth.

  • Latest version
  • Fast Activation
  • No Setup Costs
  • No Lock in Contracts
  • Support Included
  • Perth Support Team
  • No Hassles